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The UCA® International Users Group (UCAIug) is a not-for-profit corporation consisting of utility user and supplier companies that is dedicated to promoting the integration and interoperability of electric/gas/water utility systems through the use of international standards-based technology. It is a User Group for IEC 61850, the Common Information Model (CIM per IEC 61970, IEC 61968 and IEC 62325) and the Open Field Message Bus (OpenFMB per NAESB standards).

Our Mission: To enable utility integration through the deployment of open standards by providing a forum in which the various stakeholders in the utility industry can work cooperatively together as members of a common organization to:

  • Influence, select, and/or endorse open and public standards appropriate to the utility market based upon the needs of the membership.
  • Specify, develop and/or accredit product/system-testing programs that facilitate the field interoperability of products and systems based upon these standards.
  • Implement educational and promotional activities that increase awareness and deployment of these standards in the utility industry.

The focus of UCAIug is to assist users and vendors in the deployment of standards for real-time applications in the electric utility industry. The Users Group does not write standards and shall, where appropriate, work closely with those standards bodies that have primary responsibility for the completion of standards (notably IEC TC 57: Power Systems Management and Associated Information Exchange).

Note that the UCAIug is working on many areas of interest for different users where standards bodies may not yet be active or where the interests of users goes beyond the purview of the presently identified standards (such as the completion of users guides, industry education, transfer of technology, marketing support, identification of users needs and industry demonstrations to prove concepts).

How can you contact UCAIug?

P.O. Box 315

Shell Knob, MO 65747


Ph:  +1 (903) 477-7176, or