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CIGRE 2016

 The UCAIug CIGRÉ 2016 Program

The UCA International Users Group (UCAIug), is once again sponsoring a full booth at the CIGRÉ Session in Paris, France on 22-26 August, 2016.  We will feature a multi-vendor program that includes presentations and demos surrounding the IEC 61850 power system communication and automation standard and the IEC 61970 CIM power system exchange standard.

The IEC 61850 Users Group (IEC 61850ug), an affiliate of the UCA International Users Group (UCAIug), is once again sponsoring a live demonstration of multi-vendor interoperability using the IEC 61850 power system communication and automation standard at the CIGRÉ Session in Paris, France on 22-26 August, 2016. The demonstration includes power system simulation equipment connected to protection relays and monitoring devices over an IEC 61850 base network that will simulate a common power system failure scenario (breaker failure) so that the visitor can observe first-hand how IEC 61850 is used to protect a power system by enabling the interoperability of equipment from 10 different suppliers.

This one of a kind event, unique to the bi-annual CIGRÉ Session, enables the visitor to see real power system equipment and network security technology being used to implement a breaker failure protection scenario using IEC 61850 technology. The CIGRÉ interoperability demonstration is sponsored by 14 different members of the UCAIug from all over the world that are demonstrating their commitment to interoperability of power systems for electric utilities. The sponsors include Cisco System (USA), DNV-GL (Netherlands), Doble Engineering (USA), EFACEC (Portugal), KERI (Korea), Meinberg (Germany), Moxa (China), NR Electric (China), RTDS Technologies (USA), Schweitzer Engineering Labs (USA), SISCO (USA), SoC-e (Spain), SUBNET Solutions (Canada) and Triangle MicroWorks (USA).

This is the seventh consecutive CIGRÉ Session in which the UCAIug has sponsored a booth and we are proud of the program we are hosting this year. We continue to promote the IEC 61850 and IEC 61970 CIM standards around the world.
CIGRE 2016 - Session 46

Over 80 years back, and every two years since, CIGRE has brought together electrical engineers from all over the World for a unique event - the CIGRE Session. The reason for the ever growing audience of CIGRE has always been and continues to be the high quality of papers presented and the topical interest of the subjects discussed, of direct concern for the Power Industry.

Since 1994, the CIGRE Technical Exhibition organized jointly with the Session has gradually become a very important event for both Manufacturing companies and Utilities, who now consider their participation as a ‘must’. As applications for booths are many and increasing with every new event, we have been compelled to limit the individual booth sizes and reorganize the overall surface area, but this necessary adjustment has not clouded the success of the event as evidenced by the number of visitors - 4400 -, and the positive appreciation of exhibitors and visitors alike.

The 2016 Session will take place from 21-26 August, 2016. We hope to see you then.



 Welcome to Paris!

 Palais des Congres de Paris